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This is me… i now weigh 153.7 :P..
I am soo happy!

This is me… i now weigh 153.7 :P..

I am soo happy!

Finished Diet! :D

I feel comfortable where i am so i am going to discontinue Dieting and start toning. :D

SW: 180

CW: 153.7 LB

Total loss: 27.7 lb in 25 days! :D

Starting mesurements: 39 D, 33, 43

Current Mesurments: 35 C, 28, 38 :D I am super happy! I feel amazing!

I have lose 4 inches off my back, 5 inches off my waist/tummy and 5 inches off my hipps.

Total inch loss of: 14 inches

153.7 .. -3LB


s(HE’S) br(OK)en


JULY 15TH M’S: 36.5-27[3/4]-38.5

6 DAYS. 7.2 LBS TO GO!

I really hope i reach my goal of 150. If i feel confident enough. I will post my before. During. And after pics. I have lost 22.5 LBS total and need to loose 7.2 more pounds. I AM SUPER PLEASED WITH HCG. i MADE SURE I KNEW what i was putting into my body. I was super picky with food and ate atleast 450 cals daily. I drank 2.5 LT of water daily, ate 2 big meals, and 3 snacks that equalled my allowed intake. I recommend it to u if you need to loose WEIGHT FAST and are determined! Oh and i did not sleep all night so i am not expecting any weightloss until i sleep and wakeup. :)

157.2 = -2.7 LB. thats okay i guess. Its been 3 days so i wanted to loose 3. lb.

Goal 3 reached!

I can buy myself extensions NOW!!!

If i get down to 150-155 by the 20th, I will have a new goal of 145 by 31st-5th of aug. Then my ultimate goal of 135 By the end of August!

I am now on HCG for 44 days so i have quit a awhile. And my last 10-15 Lbs will be toning so i will not be on HCG. I will workout, eat properly, And Try my best to loose 2Lb weekly. So by the end of aug i will try to reach my ultimate goal.

I am soo happy with HCG.

My Mesurements were 39, 33, 43.. Now 37, 29, 40 :)

Goal M’s: 34, 24, 36 :)

cw: 159.9 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! im SOOOOO happy!!! YAAAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAY!



Sorry i have been so BUSY! :/

I have been stressed. I’ve been working like crazy and not to mention i am travelling to see family almost every 2nd week. CW: 161.5LB SW: 180LB GW: 155LB. ONLY 6.5 LBS TO GO!!!! :D

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Hello, my name is Bekki
I am 18 years young.
I am trying a new way of weightloss.
Wish me luck, and follow!
I always follow back..

35 DAYS HCG :)

Height: 5'7

SW: 180 LB

CW: 153.7=)

GW1: 173 [x] YES!!!] By june 3oth
GW2: 166 [x] YESSS!] By july 7th
GW3: 159 [x] ON THE 12TH :)))] By july 14th
UGW: 155 [x] by july 21th

-if possible get down to 150-

Goal1: Buy new cosmetics! [CHECK]
Goal2: Buy some accesories. [CHECK]
goal3: Get some extensions! =] [CHECK]
Ultimate goal: Buy some cute clothes in L.A![CHECK]

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